H. Endo, H. Endo, R. Frey's Anatomical Imaging: Towards a New Morphology PDF

By H. Endo, H. Endo, R. Frey

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This ebook offers chosen works of latest evolutionary morphologists and contains such issues as extensive scale reconstructions of the mind and ear of dinosaurs, inference of locomotor behavior from cancellous bone structure in fossil primates, and a comparability of the independently advanced manipulating apparatuses within the lesser and tremendous pandas. perception is equipped into the applying of contemporary noninvasive applied sciences, together with electronic imaging options and digital 3D reconstruction, to the research of advanced anatomical gains and coherences. together with conventional tools, this enables for the formula of better hypotheses on coordinated functionality and evolution. The construction of digital translucent specimens makes it attainable to achieve the age-old dream of the classical anatomists: searching through the surface into the interior association of an organism. On complete reveal here's the dramatic and promising effect that sleek imaging innovations have on clinical growth in evolutionary morphology.

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The hyoid apparatus must be capable of following the pronounced retraction of the larynx in adult male Mongolian gazelles during the emission of their loud head-up rutting barks. Probably, this is achieved by backward tilting and extension involving differential contraction and extension of the paired sternohyoid and thyrohyoid muscles. The tilting is made possible by the resilience of the non-ossified fi tympanohyoid. At the same time it is limited owing to the caudally adjacent occipitohyoid muscle and the paracondylar process.

In contrast to other ruminants, the powerful mandibular portion of the sternocephalic muscle is double-bellied. Both portions originate from the most rostral portion of the sternum. The stronger ventral portion inserts with a strong tendon to the superfi ficial aponeurosis of the masseter muscle and to the superfi ficial connective tissue covering the buccal region and the mandibula. The weaker dorsal portion inserts via an aponeurosis, which is traversed be the external jugular vein, to the parotid fascia and, superficially, fi to the ventral edge of the cleidocephalic muscle at the level of the transverse process of the atlas (Fig.

3. Cranial endocast, endosseous labyrinth, and some endocranial vascular structures of an Australian freshwater crocodile, Crocodylus johnstoni (OUVC 10425), derived from surface renderings of CT scan data. A, left lateral view. B, dorsal view, with olfactory tract truncated. C, ventral view, with olfactory tract truncated. D, caudal view. E, right rostroventrolateral view. Color scheme: cranial endocast, blue; endosseous labyrinth, pink; nerve canals (most of which also transmit veins), yellow; smaller venous canals, dark blue; arterial canals, red; columella, pale yellow.

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