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405) p. 406. under Chrysolina (Colaphodes) haemoptera haemoptera. remove entry goettingensis Schrank. 1789: 67 (>Chrysomela) [HN]: it is a misidentification p. 408, add rngnlosa Mallet. Euchrysolina) graminis graminis (Linnaeus, 1758) p. 410. correct data of Chrysolina (Klaenadochrysa) crassipes crassipes (P. H. Lucas) to 1847: pi. 45 p. 412, correct page of description of Chrysolina (Ovostoma) olivieri veneta G. Muller, 1948 from 92 to 91 p. 413, add [RN] to Chrysolina cheni Bechyne. -H. Chen, 1934 in synonymy with Chrysolina lucida lucida (Olivier, 1807) (p.

40 p. 63. correct year for Eustrophinae and Eustrophini Gistel to 1848 ERRATA 37 p. 64. correct author and year of Hallomeninae to Gistel, 1848 p. 64. correct author and year of Dircaeini to Kirby. 1837 p. 66, correct author and year of Hypulini to Gistel, 1848 p. 72, correct author and year of Zilorini to Desbrochers des Loges, 1900 pp. 73, 75. 77. correct authors and year of Ripiphoridae. Ripiphorinae and Rhipiphorini to Gemminger. 1870 (1855) [not Gemminger & Harold] p. 79. correct author and year of Colydiinae and Colydiini to Billberg, 1820 p.

492. in Aeschrocnemis delagrangei Pic, 1903 replace A: SY (North) by A: TR p. 492. in Aeschrocnemis whiteheadi Warchalowski. 1998 remove SW from distribution p. 493, add [HN] to entry pusilla Duftschmid. 1825 [in synonymy with Altica helianthemi (Allard. 1859)] p. 500. remove Aphthona ovatipennis L. N. Medvedev. 1992b: 24 A: NP. it is correctly placed in synonymy with Aphthona medvedevi Konstantinov & Lingafelter. 2002 [RN] (p. 499) p. 511, under Crepidodera plutus (Latreille. 1804) change year of description of unicolor Westhoff, 1881 to 1882 p.

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