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6 Disparaging views of New York elections were not limited to one party. (Antifederalist forces in both state and nation had appellations. ) The Democratic-Republicans leveled charges against the Federalists which sounded very much like their opponents' own complaints. Republican leaders warned that the Page 14 state would soon "be overrun with their expresses and messengers [and] deluged with their handbills and pamphlets. No expense will be spared; no intrigue will be omitted; no falsehood will be overlooked.

16 A Federalist commentator concluded that his party should have assessed these circumstances more realistically, and employed similar tactics. Indeed, it was not long before the Republicans were complaining about Federalist resourcefulness at the polls, particularly the manipulation of black voters. 17 These tactics evidently had long-range results. After the 1813 election, Republicans charged that "people of color" in New York City again voted almost exclusively for the Federalists, were responsible for carrying their ticket, and gave them a majority in the assembly.

2 No urban center in this country is more characteristically American in its major difficulties than metropolitan New York, and therefore more obviously a target for sharpshooting critics. At the same time New York's real and continuing successes, like its legendary skyscrapers, are equally obvious. Famous or infamous, this turbulent and powerful city stands as unique, and what is often overlooked, it has long been so. The problems which the city and its supportive suburbs (even in western Connecticut Page 2 and northern New Jersey) now confront, as public institutions and as people, are not so overwhelmingly new and different that the history and traditions of an older, and at least equally storied, New York cannot offer useful cautions and honest comfort.

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