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Gun. front arm of the sear When xhe hammer is held by This rocks the ~orward and the front sear hook, the trigger down, which pulls the ·hammer down. e then releases 1t. a semi-circular cut in the bottom moves forward, a nub on the rear of the bolt (shaded), holding it end of the feed rib pushes the to the rear. hammer down until it's caught by Therefore, when you have fired the last shot, the magazin~ follower rises and block~ the ~d As the bolt the sear dog (corresponds to the rear sear hook).

The magazine latch is of the type used in the Kar 43 and the Tokarev, also in the ZB and Bren. It ~as, however, one notable feature: the front end of the magazine is no~­ J;Dally . i. sil,pported by a fixed ledge, but in the ZH 29 both front and rear of the magazine are held by spring-loaded latches. To remove the magazine, only the rear latch n eed be released. This makes it unnecessary to insert the magazine~ up with the front end ti pped (~s in the Kar 43 and Tokarev) since the magazine may be pushed straight in, when both latches will engage it.

Note how the removal of one pin permits access t o practically all of the mechanism. Incidentally, the bolt and slide may be removed when the parts are in this position. The screw (he ad visible), just below the axis pin of the rear sight, holds a replaceable locking shoulder or key. (See FIG. 4) FIGURE 3: The bolt, locked and unlocked. This view, from under- neath, shows (upper) how the rear end of the bolt is offset to the left when the operating handle is fully forward. As the operating handle moves to the rear (lower), it moves the re a r end of the bolt~ key.

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Aircraft Manual - Hurricane I - Merlin II Engine [Air Pub 1564A Vol I] (Air Ministry

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