Airbus Industrie: Conflict and Cooperation in US-EC Trade - download pdf or read online

By Steven McGuire

ISBN-10: 0333687175

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Learn scholar Steven McGuire examines a huge sectoral dispute among the U.S. and the ecu neighborhood often called the "Airbus dispute". McGuire explores how the dispute was once settled diplomatically with no each side resorting to opposed countermeasures. maybe all involved remembered the Boston Tea celebration.

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17 Boeing had to come up with a system that would allow damage to engines to remain remote from the other parts of the plane. The solution was to hang the jet from under the wing; a design pioneered by Boeing and since copied by every other manufacturer. The ability of the US industry to apply advanced technologies to civilian use at a relatively early date was critical to the success of the industry. American firms were not always the first to develop new technologies. 18 The secret of American success lay in the ability to mate a variety of technologies into a successful product.

While Airbus was a collaborative project, none of the partner governments viewed cooperation as a process by which they would cede control of their aerospace sectors. Quite the contrary: Airbus' mission was to bolster national capabilities, not diminish them. 63 For the Germans, Airbus was a politically acceptable way to recreate their once formidable aircraft industry. Airbus was, and still is, a multinational collaboration designed to facilitate the attainment of national goals. The Commission also ran afoul of national security concerns.

The later models of Boeing, such as the 767 have components built in several countries, including Japan and Canada. 37 Subcontractors often supply all major aircraft manufacturers. 38 This reliance on customers on both sides of the Atlantic can be seen in the balance sheets of numerous subcontractors. 40 The upshot of this is that if, for instance, the United States considered imposing tariffs on Airbus products, it would risk damaging the American aerospace industry. Similarly Europe could find itself in the paradoxical position of harming its carefully cultivated aerospace industry by hindering the sales of American aircraft.

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