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Manufacturing and disposing light bulbs requires energy. Producing this energy often involves burning fossil fuels. As a result, any light bulb produced or scrapped may produce GHG emissions. To simplify the analysis and draw from existing literature, GHG intensities used to fabricate and dispose of ILBs and CFLBs are taken from Gydesan and Maimann (1991). Although light bulbs come from different suppliers and often manufactured halfway across the globe, it is assumed for simplicity that the electricity supply mix used in their paper is common for all light bulbs used in Canada.

Thermal resistance of a building envelope is key to determining a household’s heat loss or gain. A building envelope is effectively a membrane that separates indoor and outdoor environments whose primary function is to control heat flow through the use of thermal insulation. e. Rvalues). To estimate building envelope heat loss, HDD and CDD are combined with the building envelope thermal resistance and surface area by the following relationship (in kWh): = = μ ¶ (5) where n = total number of different surface areas; A = surface area i of the building envelope area (m2); R = building envelope surface area i thermal resistance (m2 ·K)/W; and HDD = heating degree-days (K·day).

For example, the decrease in Ontario was much smaller than in Alberta, even though Ontario has nearly four times the population. Meanwhile, some provinces experienced a switch in the opposite direction to that experienced by the majority of the provinces. British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, and Newfoundland-Labrador all experience a net increase in GHG emissions resulting from the light bulb switch. Alberta is an example of a compelling case for making a switch from ILBs to CFLBs. The GHG intensity of electricity generation in the province is very high (861 g CO2/kWh) while the GHG intensity associated with home heating is relatively small (approximately 220 g CO2/kWh).

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