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Male cones sometimes reaching 20 cm, cylindrical, solitary or rarely in clusters, either terminal on branches or axillary with short peduncles; microsporophylls tightly imbricate before anthesis with numerous pendulous microsporangia attached to the base of the head. Female cones from 4-5 cm in diameter, terminal and pedunculate; bract and ovuliferous scale fused completely or with a distinct ovuliferous ligule protruding; ovules 1, very rarely 2, per cone scale; seeds with 1, rarely 2 membranous wings attached to the surface of the cone or enclosed within cone scale tissue and cone scale being shed as a single unit.

Huber-Morath, 1974 [1975]), but here I treat the species in the broad sense and recognize no infraspecies. The Yucatan plants were said to have been introduced with imported hay. Flora Mesoamericana, Volume 5 (2), Asteraceaeae, page 7 of 286. 2. Anthemis L. F. Pruski. Annual or perennial herbs to subshrubs, often aromatic, insect pollinated, glabrous or pubescent; stems erect (ours) to decumbent, branched, subterete; herbage when pubescent with mostly dolabriform trichomes. Leaves 1-3-pinnatisect, obovate to spatulate, subsessile (ours) , surfaces glabrous or pubescent, segments narrow.

Lectotype (designated by Barringer, 1983): Costa Rica, Tonduz 13175 (CR). , A. maxima var. , A. translucida Pfeiffer. Glabrescent, woody lianas; pseudostipules absent. 8-3 cm. Flowers in short, axillary racemes; peduncle and ovary 23 cm, calyx 9-13 cm, brownish-purple, the limb 1-lipped, hooded, maculate within; gynostemium 6-lobed, stipitate. Capsules 6-12 cm, woody, acropetal. Wet, lowland forests. B (Schipp S-415, NY; N (Stevens y Moreno 19253, MO); CR (Burger et al. 11666, F); P (Liesner 157, MO).

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