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By Robert Gardner

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What is friction? what's the coriolis strength? younger scientists will discover the physics of forces and movement with the good experiments during this e-book. Full-color illustrations spotlight key issues to make technology a snap! Many experiments are through rules for technology reasonable tasks. aid scholars ace their subsequent physics undertaking or attempt!

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This project would probably receive careful consideration. Science fair judges tend to reward creative thought and imagination. However, it is difficult to be creative or imaginative unless you are really interested in your project. If you decide to do a project, be sure to choose a topic that appeals to you. Consider, too, your own ability and the cost of materials. Do not pursue a project that you cannot afford. If you use a project found in this book for a science fair, you will need to find ways to modify or extend it.

Does the descending ball stop? Does the other ball move? FIGURE 4: A bowling ball is shown rolling down a plank into the gutter of a bowling lane. Another ball is in the gutter not far from the plank. The arrangement allows the descending ball to hit the stationary ball in the gutter at its center. Balls of different weights can be placed into the gutter. Each time, the descending ball exerts a force on the ball in the gutter. The ball in the gutter exerts an opposite force on the descending one, according to Newton’s third law of motion.

Newton's Three Laws of Motion First Law: An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will continue in motion at the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by another force. Second Law: The change in speed of an object over a given time is proportional to the force exerted on it. Third Law: Whenever a force is exerted upon an object, the object exerts an equal force back. This law is often called the law of action and reaction. Newton's Three Laws of Motion, Everyday Examples First Law: When a car stops suddenly, the rider without a seat belt flies forward.

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