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He did not even leave a watering hole for his uncle. " From that moment, Lot got less and Abram got more. Lot even lost all of his cows. The next time we see him he was sitting in the gate of Sodom and did not have even one cow! For fellowship he would not sell a cow, but in order to live in Sodom, he sold them all. All the Lots are not dead yet, I want you to know that. Are we willing to give somebody else first choice? " He couldn't do it. He couldn't get it down to one; he said it was a thousand.

Faith is the power to transcend generations. Denominations die because they do not have the faith to move into another generation with the same stamina and spirituality that they had in the old generation. " You are supposed to live on the face of this earth as a stranger to the earth. This world is a place you are passing through. By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country. He lived separated from others, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac (one generation), with Jacob (another generation), the heirs with him of the same promise.

There has been too much mysticism about faith. It does work. However, God cannot bless ignorance. If you want to get hold of the power of God, seek to learn about God since by knowing God, you will have faith. Faith under siege! I want to tell you about a man who actually started a new dispensation. There have only been seven, and a man who started a new dispensation by himself was Abraham. It was the Dispensation of Promise. He conceived and gave birth to a new race of people, called Christians.

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Abraham : faith under seige by Lester Sumrall; World Harvest School of Continuous Learning

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