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After that, the given original search interval [0,1) was used as the starting point. Each epoch consisted of 250 iterations of the three automata. At the end of each epoch the decision table Table 1 was consulted to prune the current search interval and the algorithm was recursively evoked. The recursion was terminated when the width of the interval was less than twice the desired accuracy. The results of our experiments are truly conclusive and confirm the power of the CPL-ATS scheme. Although several experiments were conducted using various and parameter values, we report for brevity sake, only one set of results, namely, those for For this value, several independent replications with different random number streams were performed to minimize the variance of the reported results.

This method aims to synthesize new media objects based on some existing objects on which appropriate transformation can be applied using analogical reasoning. This multimedia synthesis technique appears particularly useful in the area of computational media aesthetics. 1 Multimedia Analysis Multimedia processing often deals with live spatio-temporal data which have the following attributes: They possess a tremendous amount of redundancy The data is dynamic with temporal variations It does not exist in isolation – it exists in its context with other data.

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