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Chemical equation a compact notation for describing a chemical change. The formulas of tl1e reactants are added together on the left hand side of the equation; the formulas of the products are added together on the right side. Coefficients are inserted before the formulas to ensure that the equation is balanced. The phase in which each substance is found is usually indicated in parentheses after each formula. For example, 2 H 2(g) + 02(g) = 2 H 20(g) indicates that 2 moles of hydrogen gas combine with one mole of oxygen gas to produce two moles of steam.

Covalent bond covalent; covalently bound. I In the addition of a nucleophile Compare with covalent com- to a carbonyl carbon the stereI II = = = = = = = =___ chmfinry II critical molar volume I crymil .. ,9 ochemistry of the major prod- I _ critical molar volume uct may be successfully pre- ~ (V) The molar volume at d1e dicted. The nucleophile will at- : critical point. irgi-D~tz ~ critical state. State at which two angle of about 109". As deplCted ; phases of a substance first bebelow, attack from one.

A polydentate ligand I and dz orbitals; those d orbit2 II = = = = = = = Chemistry II efflorescent I electrical conductivity als within a set with lobes directed along the x-, y-, and zaxes. • eftlorescent efflorescence; efflorescing. Compare with deliquescent and hygroscopic . Effiorescent substances lose water of crystallisation to the air. The loss of water changes the crystal structure, often producing a powdery crust. • effusion effuse. Compare with diffusion and diffraction . Gas molecules in a container escape from tiny pinholes into a vacuum with dle same average velocity they have inside the container.

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