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Metric altimeter * - Check Verify proper altitude and no flag. Airspeed indicator* - Check Verify proper speed and no flags. RDMI - Check Position ADF/VOR selectors as desired. Verify present heading and no inappropriate flags. ADI - Check Verify proper attitude, flight director command bars, flight mode displays TO, TO, FD, proper airspeed, and no flags. HSI - Check Verify magnetic track, present heading, appropriate route and no flags. Plan mode may be selected to verify route. 3 March 18, 2000 Lauda Air BOEING 767 Operations Manual Normal Procedures Amplified Procedures Altimeter - Set Set barometric indication.

Autoland callout only) First Officer Position NOSE LANDING light switch ON during night operation. 31 Normal Procedures Lauda Air BOEING 767 Amplified Procedures Operations Manual Go - Around Procedure Pilot Flying Push GA switch. “ Pilot Not Flying Position flap lever to 20 and call "FLAPS 20 SET" when flaps have reached the commanded position. Verify rotation to go–around attitude and thrust increase. Verify thrust adequate for go–around and adjust if necessary. Verify positive rate of climb.

Vertical speed indicator - Check Verify zero rate and no flag. Clock - Check AUTOLAND STATUS annunciator ...... Check Verify blank indications. OFF Verify VALVE light extinguished. Standby flight instruments ..................................................... Set Attitude indicator - Check Verify proper attitude. Position ILS selector to OFF and verify no flags. Airspeed indicator - Check Verify proper speed. Altimeter - Set Set barometric indication. Verify proper altitude. AUTO AUTO BRAKES selector .....................................................

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