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EDIT IN and EDIT OUT may be pressed during Record, Playback or at the Edit level. Subsequent presses of either key will override the previous edit point with the newly selected one. Play a Selected Segment Play Selected Audio plays only material between the Edit In and Edit Out Marks. It is accessed by holding the ALT key and pressing PLAY. The EDIT IN and EDIT OUT buttons light to indicate that you are playing the selection. If no selection exists (Edit In = Edit Out) nothing will play. If LOOP is on, the selection will play repeatedly with a momentary pause between plays.

It is necessary to erase all the copies and the original recording to release the space. It is important to keep the copies in the same Directory, and preferably with related names, so they can be erased as a group. It is inadvisable to Copy a File to another Directory and rename it, because this will make it impossible to know what root File it is referenced to. Remember that since Files in different Directories can have the same names, identical copies of a File made to another Directory really should have the same names; this way, it is relatively easy to erase all of them when they are no longer needed.

To repeat a forward/backward skip • Press the FIND key. • Press the FF (fast forward) or REW (rewind) key. Shortcut Audio Editor Owner's manual Page 48 Miscellaneous Operations Bleep A File Segment Offensive words in a recording may be censored by using the large blue Bleep button to overwrite them with a "Bleep tone" or silence. This selection is made in the DIRECTORY PREFERENCES menu. There is also a setting to select the Bleep Level. ) Audio is non-destructively replaced with a Bleep tone while the button is depressed.

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